Where do I begin about this subject? First, I hate to talk politics!! It’s like a lose-lose situation! I have no idea how GG got himself all wrapped in it. I might add he did a splendid job with H. Dean! Way to put yourself on the map!
Nevertheless, I still hate it. You have two sides fighting for office, but no matter what, what will be will be. This is the first time in my electing years that I am unsure of who I’m going to vote for. I like to look at who’s offering the better “lie” ..opps…I mean deal.Tell me what you want to hear is the name of the game.
Politics is like a man. He will tell you how beautiful you are and how good you smell and how lucky he is to be with you, just so he can get what he wants. After he does, then what…it doesn’t matter after that because he got it. So, it’s just the same with the politics.
They will tell you all you need to hear just so you can vote for them. Now what happens when they don’t follow through? S**t happens, because he or she is in there for 4 years and there is nothing you can do about it. So what do I do? I don’t know!!! I’m still trying to figure it out. Who will I vote for, I have no idea. Who’s telling me all I need to hear…not sure of that either. One thing I do know…Obama or Hilary better not let another Republician in that office or I am going to jump off the empire state building…LOL
That is my story and I’m sticking to it and I’m out!


What would the world do without GG??
“Garrett M. Graff represents the people that all the candidates want to engage: young, technologically savvy, concerned about the future.”
Which candidate will dare to run a new kind of race? I mean I am still unsure who I will be voting for..sorry MajorMan, but it seems like Obama is really on it when it comes to the new era of technology. Who before Obama was able to raise millions of dollars by adding a link to an e-mail which says “Donate” and receive it? I am not made at Obama. HRC wonders why she had to pull millions from her pocket to catch up to him.
Garrett does into how politics has become increasingly innovative. With one of the social media tools like blogs, people have more info, say and access, then ever before.
“Graff makes clear that whichever party best meets the challenges of globalization will win the election—and put America back on course.”
I wonder who that will be!!! Go on with your bad self Professor Graff!!! Thanks for a wonderful semester! I learned a lot and it all was useful!

I don’t know about you, but I believe that everything happens for a reason! As I sit and reflect…I remember applying to 3 schools in NY and none of them accepting me…granted…none of them were in the fields of communications, which I’m passionate about, but I digress.
However, a wonderful friend advised me to apply to Georgetown. I laughed and thought what a joke, but she was dead serious. I was like GU won’t take me. They want brainy people who don’t have fun and study all day! Boy was I wrong!!! I remember getting the big envelope in the mail and scared to open it. I had one of my girlfriends on the phone for support…lol
All I remember reading was, congrats…you have been accepted to Georgetown’s MPS program…blah blah blah…I was hysterical!!! My friend on the phone even cried!! (such sensitive people)
I jumped out of the bed and ran to my mom who had company over. She was like what’s wrong and with tear filled eyes, I said they accepted me!!! She started crying and so did her friend..LOL
What a site to see! Oh…thank you Lord for all that you have given me! I am so not worthy! With that being said…EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!


I hate being single…well…sometimes!!! 🙂
I purchased a pair of tickets a few months ago to see Chris Rock Monday April 21st at 7:30 for me and this guy I was dating! Did I go…NO!
I was dating this guy who seemed so great, so awesome, so everything I thought I wanted! Everything about him was sweet. The way he spoke to me, how he looked at me, how he smelled…ladies you know what I’m talking about!
Anyways, one day we were driving to the mall when I asked him a question that lead to us down the road of distruction! I simply asked where does he see this “relationship/friendship” going. Mind you, we have been dating for a good 5-6 months!! He said WITHOUT hesitation…I’m NOT READY to commit to ANYONE right now! I would understand a man in his 20’s saying that but not someone who’s 37!!!!! S**t…he’s lucky I had overlooked a few requirements he lacked to be with me, but I digress!
So of course that wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear. Don’t get me wrong, I was hoping to hear something along the lines of, “Things are great between us, let nature take its course, or I see longevity for us!! “Fluff” like that would be acceptable…lol but not that crap he said!
Nevertheless, things went downhill from there and we slowly became distant. I ended up giving the tickets to a co-worker of mine and that’s the end!
What a way to lose $115!!!
Its been 2 months and I think he is realizing everyday what he lost!

Let me start off by saying without a higher being, I don’t know where I would be! God is freaking AWESOME!!!
So far I have experienced my second breakdown this semester! Hard to believe right? I wear my mask very well!!
I had a project due yesterday and I swear…without the help of one of my bonifide friends, who knows what I would have done! During the breakdown, I said to myself…I can’t do this school S*&t, why am I here, I’m all alone (no significant other) , all my friends and family are back in NY, etc…I drove home from my friends house emotional and FRUSTRATED…I don’t even know how I made it to my house safe with the way I was driving! When I arrived, I sat in my car and cried my eyes out yelling: God, why am I struggling so much when everyone else is at ease? Have I done something wrong? Why am I so slow and stupid?!?!?! Can you even see me talking like that? It was a scary moment in time!
At that juncture, my friend called me to see if I OK and then she heard in my voice I was crying and started to cry herself. That made me cry even more! She then went on to say, “You’re the stronget person I know. You’re fighter”…OMG…the tears just kept coming down! Sometimes we really don’t know what our friends truly think of us until a situation happens! DAMN…talk about a bitter sweet moment. At the end, I went back to her house and she helped me out until 3am both Sunday and Monday!
End result: I excecuted the presentation! Talk about a TRUE FRIEND! Thanks Claudia! Love you man!

Death notice…

i dont know what i would do if i had a loved one in the service. to know that b/c of this stupid “war” at any given moment someone may knock on my door and announce that “he or she died”! talk about drama queen!!! an the award goes to…Diana Hilaire! 🙂
garrett mentioned an article in a magazine that goes into detail on how this all transpires. from the alpha to the omega. i heard the article was extremely deep, powerful and moving. i was told to make sure i have tissue available because its that real!
im not sure if you ever saw the movie ” a league of their own” with rosie o’donald, madonna and tom hanks, but that is one of the “wickedest” movies for women who love softball…like myself. there was a part when they were all in the locker room getting ready and the mail guy comes to deliever a death notice to one of the ladies. imagine that!!! i mean to see their faces as jimmy “tom hanks” walks by each female praying that it isn’t/wasn’t their husband. once he gets to the end of the locker room it was down to the last 2 players and it was over. imagine before your game, you get a notice stating your husband is dead…drama queen to the 10th power. there would have been some swinging, some slicing and dicing…lol but for real…its real. no one likes to hear someone who we love died.
I have a co-worker of mine who has a 25 yr old daughter in the army who married a fellow from the army as well. they got married last septemeber, closed on their home in october and a week later had to be sent to Iraq! Both of them!! the worst part about it is that they won’t be able to see eachother because they will be on 2 completely different sides! I mean that is not deep as losing someone but it all falls into the same category. to read that over 4000 soilders have died to this useless war! Lord knows i can’t wait till Bush Gardens is out of office!!…lol
nevertheless, for all the troops who are “fighting”…like tupac said…KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. for all the families…stay strong and don’t forget to pray. for whatever reason, we always want to call on God when the tough gets going, but remeber prayer is the strongest weapon! ok..im going to get off my soap box now!


Garrett said pick a country that begins with the same letter as your name. So I picked Dominican Republic. DR was once called Hispanola when it was a whole country shared with Haiti. I don’t know if can tell, but I have a haitian/french last name, so it would only be right that I write about DR/Haiti.

As I am reading some of the blogs posted, I noticed a lot of them emphaisze on this cell phone provider called “Digicel”. I remember seeing advertsiments for it all over when I traveled to Jamaica for vacation. I mean it was so amazing to see people go crazy for it. While at a red light, you would have people selling calling card or as they would say “minutes” for the cell EVERYWHERE!!  

Anyways, so I’m reading a blog posted called Haiti: Telecom War by Alice Baker and she goes to talk about how people are so happy about the launch of Digicel in Haiti. Someone was quoted saying:

“Digicel you are the best. If you want to cover Haiti, just go to all corners that others do not reach. Put antennas in small towns where others do not go; you will see results. All will come to you. When will you activate service? Many are awaiting activation. Thank you. I love you.”

As a haitian american woman, that brings joy to my heart that the smallest thing in life can bring them so much joy. The blog also mentioned that since Digicel is offered in Haiti, they are going to need haitian speaking representative to assist creole speaking customers when they call. 

At the HaitiXchange.com message boards:

The good thing about this is that since Haiti speaks a language not spoken by the rest of the greater Caribbean, they will have to employ kreyol/french speaking customer service reps and technicians to assist the callers…this means real jobs for Haitians…

…in this case, Digicel will have to accomodate Haitians thus must have Haitians in their staff at least in the supporting roles…not to mention the Haitians engineers that will be employed through this deal…